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Berlin -- Somewhere

Pretty grey today, really... And quiet, after yesterday's excesses. Love Parade was quite impossibly amazing, and even making the mistake of going clubbing the night before didn't dent it. I've not done much of the touristy thing here in Berlin yet, tiredness and a certain amount of depression having caught up with me somewhat. So, tomorrow and Tuesday to do a little sightseeing (if the weather holds out) and then off again on Tuesday by night train to somewhere else. Amsterdam's pretty full at the moment, apparently, so arriving 'on spec' may be a mistake, but while Barcelona looks tempting from sbisson's pictures, the idea of another 24 hours in a train (not counting crossing Paris by metro at the height of the rush-hour) doesn't really appeal.

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    Fri, 14:03: Note the date. Weaponised transphobia is a lot more recent than they'd have you think!

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