Steve (akicif) wrote,

That time of year again....

Nope - nothing planned for the Solstice this year: busy weekend and then off to Glastonbury on Tuesday.

Notes so I can see them from my phone:

Travel: train down to Bristol, then bus to Wells. From there to camp site in North Wootton. Wednesday morning, walk to either Gate A or Gate D (this year's plan is to camp in Park not Holts - maybe see more of the late night stuff, that way, and also avoid the sound systems).

Weather: always preferred, but it's been a little iffy lately. However, the "sticky" still seems to work:

If metcheck's broken again, try

Music: to use the Clashfinder properly, I'd need an A2 colour printer and Giant Laminator - not to mention a lot more musical knowledge than I possess. I've been through the line-up and tagged a pile of stuff, but while I have many multiple clashes, I've also got some incredibly long gaps. So, more than happy to be educated on what I should try to get to, or what's hideously over-rated.

Food: Sadly, the one stall I'd seriously hoped to catch seems to be no longer about (instead of doing pizza or baked potatoes or noodles or whatever with a range of fillings, they had one filling, and served it on a range of substrates). I hope the veggie Indian place between West Holts and the old railway line is still there: very reasonably priced, very tasty.... Will probably end up eating various semi-anonymous burgers and breakfasts out of ignorance, so happy to take festival recommendations here, too.

Drink: cider, mostly - from the Cider Bus (Burrow Hill) for preference, but with a certain amount of pear cider from the Brothers' Bar when it's not too busy (ha!). Who would have thought that Showerings (for it is them) could have rebranded Babycham so successfully! There's also meant to be a Gaymers or Magners or similar cider bar as well this year: I'll give it ashot, but I'm not expecting much. As for beer, there's the "proper" real ale bar up by the Acoustic Stage, so it may be worth going up there with a 2l bottle to fill (last few times I've tried to hear anything in the Acoustic tent, I couldn't get close enough and the conversation of all the folk who couldn't get close enough, either, drowned out the music). There's usually at least one real ale in the normal bar tents, but the other place to look for good beer is the Bimble Inn up by the Park (I've more or less crossed the Avalon Inn off my list: it never seemed to be open last time). Others: cocktails in the old Jazz Lounge (now Bourbon St Lounge), fruit wines and meady stuff from a stall on the way to the Green Fields from somewhere), and in my tent I'll have a couple of small plastic bottles - Stroh and calva.

I think that's everything for now. Just have to check and see if this is readable on my phone!

ETA: @garethslee on Twitter has put a webpage together for viewing chances of the ISS at #glasto next week

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