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  • Thu, 22:05: Wow! Have missed weissbierbocks - tasty! - Drinking an Altvater Weissbierbock by Brauerei Bischofshof @ Untappd at Home —
  • Thu, 23:11: Interesting aftertaste of toasted croutons, but v tasty naetheless - Drinking a Klosterbier Dunkel by Kloster-Brauerei Scheyern @ Untappd at Home —
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    Fri, 16:27: Well, that's them yins telt....

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    Thu, 23:37: Opaque, lovely rounded oaty fulsomeness, gloriously tropical fruity hopses - Drinking a Shoop by @ saltbeerfactory/@ Pomonaisland @…

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    Wed, 16:43: Steerpike would appear to be confusing our First Minister with Canute.... Maybe the thought of a post-covid Indy Ref will encourage…

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